A documentary on people living with depression and suicidal thoughts.

The World Health Organization estimates that every year about a million people die by suicide. In the past 45 years suicide rates have gone up about 60%. Despite all the regulations we have in the Netherlands, suicide and assisting suicide are still an unsolved political issue. Because the lack of regulation on (physician-)assisted suicide it often happens that people see no other way out except a violent one. A physician asked by a patient to assist during suicide is committing a criminal offense unless he follows the ‘demands concerning meticulousness’, which includes judging the physical and mental suffering of the patient. This suffering has to be ‘hopeless and unbearable’ before the physician is legally allowed to facilitate the voluntary death. But when exactly is suffering ‘hopeless and unbearable’ and is it even possible to judge someone else’s suffering?

Between October 2006 and July 2007 I photographed Lisa, Hans and Melissa who are, each in his or her own way, dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Self published in 2008
Graphic design by Jasper Jongeling
Edition of 100 copies - sold out